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Let's Meet

I'm Akari, An Expert in Organizing

I grew up in Japan and attended college in Taiwan. I speak Japanese, English and Chinese. I came to the United States in 2010. I'm also a mom of two little boys.  Most of my time is spent raising my two sons, being an involved parent in their education.  When I have free time, I spend time practicing Ashtanga Yoga. 

I started getting interested in organizing after I lived away from my parents.  When I would return to visit them, all I would want to do is help them tidy up their household from the items I left behind.  When I was working or volunteering, people would always be very appreciative of me when I organized the spaces we were working in.  It was something that I did to make my workplace a more enjoyable and comfortable place. From this, I started towards earning a certification called Seiri Shuno Advisor (the organizing certification issued by the House Keeping Association of Japan).  Every time I returned to Japan, I would continue to attend seminars and take tests, in which I received my certification in 2016.



I really enjoy tidying up and organizing.  Just planning about it makes me excited.  I check my family’s belongings regularly and continue practicing our lifestyle of simple and comfortable.